People come from all over the Greater Toronto Area for Nasib's high quality Mediterranean food because of the taste. But it isn't that simple, there is more to it.


Nasib's mission is to satisfy the cravings of each and every one of it's customers by providing them with the highest quality and freshest authentic Mediterranean cuisine.


Nasib's is run by a local family who brought recipes from the middle east that have been carefully and lovingly perfected over many, many years.
Family pride ensures that the greatest effort is put into only high quality and ultra fresh ingredients. Dips, dressings and sauces are made from scratch every day. Meats are carefully selected, marinated and prepared fresh daily.
This passion for perfection results in customers coming again and again, for many years. It's not uncommon at all when you visit Nasib's to see customers come in and greet Nasib's like they are part of the family.